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The UNI Technology certainly has implications in the present for use as an infectious disease countermeasure. It can be designed to destroy a wide range of viruses and bacterium that cause global pandemics, widespread epidemics, numerous healthcare related diseases, and even the common cold. Again, it is well recognized in the medical field that the nose is the first place you catch a cold. It is the prime location and target path on the human body that disease causing pathogens choose to enter through. The nose provides the perfect environment of being warm, moist, and highly exposed. In addition, and most importantly of all; it has access to over 90% of the body's immune system cells!

In order for these parasites to accomplish their mission of infecting your entire body, they first enter and set up a 'base of operations' or 'staging area' within the warm, moist nasal passages. The strategy is to grow in numbers and strength to form a 'colony', which is known in medical terminology as nasal colonization. Once their numbers and strength are sufficient, they then proceed inward to fully attack the body's immune system. Therefore, if they are destroyed upon entering the nasal cavity and denied the stage of nasal colonization, their ability to infect the person essentially disappears.

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The World Health Organization (WHO), medical experts and government officials worldwide have admitted the reality that the world today is so inter-connected and dependent on trade between countries, that there is only one possibility of averting global economic collapse (and mass casualties..) in the face of a highly lethal pandemic. The one possibility is "PREVENTION". Prevention of disease transmission is the single most important aspect of all inter-governmental pandemic preparedness plans. However, as was witnessed with the 2009 H1N1 (Non) Pandemic, governments around the world were still unable to stop rapid transmission of this virus across international borders. If the H1N1 Virus would have been highly lethal, all international borders would have been closed... indefinetely. Virtually all trade among countries, as well as trade within countries, would have quickly come to a stand still. The vast majority of people worldwide would not continue to go to work, they would stay at home and only venture out for absolute necessities (food, water, medicine, etc.). This would have gone on until an effective vaccine was developed and safely administered against the virus which under those conditions would likely take many months to even years. Would you and your family have survived?

Rather than this tragic scenario unfolding in the near future, I have been proposing for years now that the UNI Technology be used for pathogen transmission PREVENTION. This is a very simple concept that even grade school children can understand. If the 'pad' sections of the UNI device are made from medical grade foam and then treated with a diluted solution of Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG), tremendous added protection for the public and our society would result. CHG has been used throughout the medical field globally for decades and is a proven killer of virtually all known strains of the influenza virus. It is used to control viral and bacterial infection and applied directly to swollen nasal tissues after major nasal operations -with no known serious side effects! Such a device could be used RIGHT NOW in every major mass transit system in the world as 'stand alone' protection against nasal colonization. It could also be used RIGHT NOW in combination with N95 rated facial masks. It is simply elementary that any person would be far better defended against infection of pandemic and other pathogens using such a device. What are Government officials waiting for?

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The facts are, N95 rated facial masks offered to the public by governments worldwide cannot and do not provide adequate protection against incoming airborne pathogens. These facial masks do not form an airtight seal against the human face. Their main purpose is to capture and contain the outward 'spray' from coughing and sneezing which they do accomplish to a significant degree. However, the human cough and sneeze are powerful physical actions and these facial masks cannot capture and contain all of this 'spray' by any stretch of the imagination. The other truth is many people refuse to wear these uncomfortable masks and many people will simply not have access to them in time of need.

Thus, in the case of infectious epidemics and pandemics, this easy and inexpensive technology offers a simple and straightforward way to prevent disease transmission. It is very similar to the 'condom' in many ways and could be put into full production and distribution overnight. This would result in far less need and justification by governments to fund development and stockpile massively expensive vaccines, anti-biotics and anti-viral drugs -that may never be used.. Likewise, it offers simple protection against nasal colonization of even the common cold Rhino Virus. Introduction for this use could cause demand for the numerous Over-The-Counter (OTC) cold remedies (in the form of pills, tablets, capsules, nasal sprays, etc.) on the market to potentially collapse. Numerous other drug markets could be infringed upon by this new device. Can you think of a few corporations that might be against allowing such a technology to see the light of day? Does the pharmaceutical industry have a strong government lobby? Who loses if our government officials follow 'corporate strategy' over the interests of the public? If you want to have access to this technology and want your Government officials to act now, then sign the petition below and let's see what they do..