The Undetectable Nasal Insert (UNI Technology) is a new nasal device and technique that has strong potential for a vast array of drug delivery and personal protection applications. As pictured above, it is generally composed as a pair of soft pad sections which are securely fastened together using clear monofilament line. Each pad section can be treated with a medication or other substance which can then be delivered via the nasal route in a highly controlled manner that resists the process of nasal clearance.

It is well documented that the nasal route of delivery is superior in many ways to the conventional delivery routes (needled injectables, oral, etc.) while also being the most vulnerable organ of the human body for transmitting airborne diseases. It is said the nose is the first place you catch a cold. For viral and bacterial control purposes in healthcare and public arenas worldwide, it is expected that the functioning of this device combined with safe compounds such as nano-colloidal silver (see SilverLungs), will eventually help prevent the spread of numerous airborne superbugs which have proven to be so costly to contain.

In addition, it is also expected that this device and technique will prove fully able to deliver a wide range of other medications (i.e., vaccines, RX and OTC drugs, etc.) more efficiently than existing delivery technologies. Since the product has the capacity to 'physically' hold a given substance in position for hours at a time against the nasal mucosa, it has the natural ability to resist the key delivery obstacle of nasal clearance. This important ability will allow for increased nasal residence time and bio-absorption of medications, while simultaneously allowing for unprecedented controlled release. The overall benefits of the technology have profound implications for improving the overall safety, efficiency and convenience of nasal drug and vaccine delivery on a global scale.

As a unique feature, because the two pad sections are connected together with clear line, the device cannot be seen by others while in use. This feature allows anyone to wear the insert around others without becoming a visual distraction. The clear line is also very thin and flexible which allows the inserted pad sections to move independently of one another and assume the most comfortable position possible inside virtually any nose. Thus, the device is non-irritating and can be worn discreetly for hours at a time.

The FDA has conducted a formal review of this insert for the intended use of odor control and has classified it as a non-medical device exempt from regulation for this use. A current short-term goal is to obtain classification for use of the technology treated with colloidal silver to reduce the transmission of numerous natural and man-made contagious pathogens present in our environment. Many other delivery applications of the technology can and will be pursued with interested companies.