Additional Potential Uses

Vaccine and Drug Delivery

Immunologists have determined that about 90% of the body's immune system cells are located and can be reached through the mucosal immune system (nose, gut, rectum and vagina). Injectables using needles through the skin are only able to access about 10% of these immune cells, hence the need to develop and add controversial adjuvants to injectable vaccines. Using injectables also creates dangerous bio-hazardous waste. Nasal delivery of vaccines is non-invasive and minimizes the need for using potentially toxic adjuvants while offering very rapid and effective systemic delivery. The Nasal Insert is a unique nasal device that has strong potential for delivering vaccines and other pharmaceuticals in a safer and more convenient manner.

Anti-Viral Barrier

Treated with an anti-viral agent and worn alone or underneath conventional particle masks as increased protection against pathogens entering the nose.

Air Filtering

As an intranasal particle filter worn to provide protection against airborne particulates.


The device has potential to be effective for many Over-the-Counter applications including pain relief, cold and cough, allergies and dieting.

Nose Plugs

For complete odor-blocking of the most harsh odors or for swimming.

Electrical Devices, Nanotechnology and Virus Detection

Device could be treated with a substance that changes color upon the presence of a particular virus for disease detection purposes. It could also incorporate electronics or nanotechnology for a wide range of medical uses.

Snoring Control

Since the insert can function as an internal nasal dilator and is surprisingly comfortable, even allowing the person to sleep "face-down" into their pillow, it could be developed to provide relief from snoring and other sleep disorders.